Saturday, December 22, 2018

Aemulus Holdings Bhd (KLSE : 0181) Stock - Big Sell Down

Aemulus Holdings Bhd 

In 22 Dec 2018, Aemulus stock priced @21 cents.

Outlook Summary

#1 In 2019, World Bank forecast a slowdown in global economy.

#2 US-CHINA trade war impact is unpredictable.

Aemulus Stock Price Trend

#1 We predict AEMULUS stock will be hammered by investor for unable to grow its business.

#2 Test & Measurement Industry is highly depend on OEM/ODM factory to purchase their equipment. Most likely AEMULUS will not able to grow its revenue due to capital expenditure control.

#3 In term of design complexity, AEMULUS equipment is not something special, which unable to copy/design by China Technology Corp. In long term view, their business is not having competitive advantages over the long term.

#4 P/E 21 - Ultra High Valuation. AEMULUS stock should price @PE = 8/5 as unable to grow its business revenue steadily. Negative grow is something you should be aware of it.


We rated SELL to AEMULUS stock. In our opinion, this stock worth RM0.08 - RM0.10. Holding this risky stock may not good for long term investor.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Riding The Bear Markets

First of all, i would like to thanks for a successful investment journey since 2008. I had gone thru the bull and bear markets over the last 10 years.

In May 2018, we forecast a bear market by shorting markets using Warrant (FBMKLCI-4HQ). With this short position, we made a big bucks in our total asset.

For coming months, the market may see turbulent over China-US Trade War. In my opinion, both party may end up in negotiation. 

In coming months, we're looking for aggresive way to timing the macrotrend investment.

21 July 2018

Friday, February 9, 2018

BITCOIN : Big Selldown - What's next in 2018 ?

Bitcoin is the most active cypto-currency trading in Global. I believe that the current bitcoin price is at support level 8,000. If it breaks this support level to 7000, it's a strong bear trend for bitcoin. It may go down further.

While majority regulator , high profile fund mangers are comments "BITCOIN is a BIG SCAM", it may create a mega-bear trend for bitcoin. It may collapse anytimes.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Global Porfolio - Purchase Direxion Daily Financial Bull 3X (FAS) in New York Exchange

We bought USD80.31 shares FAS in New York Exchange on 25 Jan 2018.

Ideas :
"Interest rate going up for 3 quarters may boost the US Bank Revenue. Overall, US banking sector will see turnaround in revenue."

Monday, April 24, 2017

Walton International Investment - A Scam? Guaranteed return?

"I was meeting up with my long time sec school friends over the long weekend and one of them recently got approached by her friend to buy an investment from Walton International. She was talking about it and indeed it sounds interesting. Can potentially double your investment in 3-4 years. She was also saying that her friend who is working in Walton is doing very well. Late 20s but can already afford to get married, owns a condo and drives a BMW 3 series.

Just wondering, has anyone ever been approached by the people from Walton International to buy their investment products? What are the things that you feel or have heard about this?

Also, the career in Walton. Sounds good. Anyone has heard anything about this as well?"

We're reading a lot messages from people who interest in Walton International Investment. The attractive return, is a key point for them to do more research on this corp. 

If you're investing in Walton International Investment, please share with us more if you see any problem.. Thanks !

Sunday, April 23, 2017

JJPTR - Ponzi Scheme/Scam ?

If you see above MAS(Monetary Authority Singapore), JJPTR is added into ALERT List. Please be careful if you invest big capital into this company. Think before you invest !

- More at

Friday, June 24, 2016

Walton International - Good Investment?

Walton International is a Calgary, Alberta, Canada based land investment company. It has been aropund for 20 or more years. It claims a long track record of success, and it claims investments can exceed 15% or more per year.

It is my opinion that this is a highly risky investment based on a track record that is by and large unproven after 2005. Even up to 2005 some of Walton’s investments, for example around Calgary, took almost 20 years to deliver a measely 2%.

Ask them about this one !

Walton benefits three groups: the sales people who collect up to 15% commission, the dealers/referrers who take a cut of this 15%, and of course Walton and its owner, Mr. Doherty.

The investment syndicate is taking very big fees for their “business concept” upfront. Therefore, it is highly lucrative for Walton, allowing it to pay for lawyers to stop blogs like this one, slick marketing brochures and fat sales commissions.

The outcome of the investment is highly speculative, especially in land syndications after 2005 which were often bought in the US into a booming market that dropped considerably in value after 2007. Many of their land projects, if sold today, would sell for less than purchase price. Add the 300-400% uplift and costs upfront and a 90% or more loss woudl be the result.

Of course Walton woudl not sell this land, and just sit on it. and sit. and sit. and sit. Maybe in 20 years you get your money back. Maybe.

Many of these investments – even with no value drop – will take 15 or more years to develop, let alone make a profit for investors as land demand is low in the US for 10+ years due to massive surpluses of homes, a tight lending envoronment for new home construction and dropping land values.

My opinion: Invest only if you do not need the money for 20 or more years.

Also ask for a ride on the corporate Lear jet, as you are paying for it !

Do not believe the sales reps who are often completely unaware of land development risks, costs or timelines and just sell it for the big fat commission.

It is not illegal. It is not a scam. It is just a bad investment in my opinion.