Friday, May 25, 2012

Land Banking nowadays - A Scam?

Walton International - "One of the biggest land banking company in the World. How good is their return?" - Special Situation Blog

Common Trend in Developing Nation - The investment culture is become more popular and explosure is getting higher over the time. The land banking investment is getting good response in Malaysia & Singapore.

I personally went to Singapore's Walton International office and seminar. Wah, What a good return from their investment?! But, i noticed that their sales person is investing heavily into the funds as well. But, if you have a good thought, 15-20% annual compounded return in such real-estate investment, i guess it's possible. To be honest, why do you invest your hard-earned money into such investment if it's not regulated by MAS/Bank Negara?

Although the popularity of this investment become hot topic, but there're many risk involved where we don't know how they going to handle all these issues.

But, be fearful when they keep promoting a good return from their investment.

"If the investment return is 15-20%, i guess Warren Buffet will acquire Walton International and be shareholder of this company. It's extremely profitable biz. "

Think before you invest. Nothing is free !