Sunday, October 10, 2010

Singapore News : S$6.5m Insurance Scam

Oct 10, 2010

$6.5m Insurance

'First of its kind' case spins web of deceit that includes fake policy and forged signatures
By Lorna Tan, Senior Correspondent

THE police and insurance giant AIA are investigating claims by a semi-retired Indonesian businessman that his insurance agent sold him a non-existent insurance policy that cost a whopping US$5 million (S$6.5 million).
The sensational case, which industry experts say is the first of its kind in Singapore, is currently before the courts.

The businessman, Mr Ong Han Ling, 72, is suing the agent, Ms Sally Low Ai Ming, for about $3.6 million plus loss of use of his funds. The $3.6 million is the amount left outstanding after the agent made restitution for some of the policy premiums.
In her defence, 33-year-old Ms Low, who was sacked by AIA in September last year, has alleged that the fake insurance plan - called the 'AIA Thank You Policy' - was part of an elaborate ploy conceived by Mr Ong to defraud AIA. She claimed she was merely an accomplice.
The Sunday Times obtained legal documents filed by both parties and they revealed intriguing claims that included a fake policy schedule and forged letters from AIA officials such as Mr Mark O'Dell, then the insurer's general manager in Singapore.
In his suit, Mr Ong said that the trouble began when he and his wife Enny Ariandini Pramana, 71, bought several policies from Ms Low, from 2000. Over time, Ms Low became a trusted friend to the Ong family and visited their home in Scotts Road regularly, he added.

Marc Faber : Oct Market Commentary

Marc Faber is out with his monthly report in which he discusses quantitative easing, equity markets, the dollar, gold, and other commodities. Here are a few highlights:
1. Equity Markets--Faber was correct last month in predicting a rally based upon extremely negative investor sentiment. He is more cautious about October because stocks are very overbought according to the % of stock above their 50 day moving average. Another reason for concern, is that after a strong September, markets often fall sharply in October and November. He is underweight equities right now.

2. Emerging Markets--Countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, etc are likely entering a price bubble thanks to worldwide money printing. Faber would not be buying these high-flying markets right now even though they could enter a final parabolic phase. He would be selling positions.

3. Dollar and Currencies--The dollar is extremely oversold and investor sentiment is very bearish. Conversely, investors are very bullish on the Euro (96% bullish according to DSI). Faber believes that a inflection point could be at hand leading to a nice move upward move in the dollar. He would not be short the dollar right now.

4. Gold and Commodities--Because he is bullish on the dollar right now, Faber believes there could be a significant correction in gold and other commodities. This could be a rather large decline, but would represent a buying opportunity. Why? More QE would be on the way.

5. Bonds--If the market declines and the dollar surges, this would be good for treasuries. However, upside is limited to 2.08% on the ten year. Faber does not expect yields to fall to new lows.

6. QE--Almost a slam dunk, according to Faber. The decline in asset markets will provide cover for the Fed to print more money.