Saturday, October 6, 2012

Investment Review : Altera, Agilent, Danaher

A Precious Message to Reader....

"Forget about advanced/core technology in technology company. Nowadays, we're talking about ROIC, Merger & Acqusition strategy to grow company working capital..."

Let's see what happen in these 4 companies.

Stock Performance from April 2001 - Oct 2012 
No. 1 ---- Danaher -  315.54%
No. 2 -----Altera -      58.6%
No.3 ------Agilent -    27.55%
No. 4 ------Intel -     - 13.14%

Business Description 
Danaher - Investment Holding Company - Focus on Merger & Acquisition in Technology Company with leveraged buyout. 
Altera - FPGA Chips, SoC manufacturer
Agilent  - Test & Measurement, Life science analysis 
Intel - Intel Processor

1) If you spend your investment capital in Intel/Altera/Agilent, you can't beat inflation. 
2) The technology company CEO is not a good investor. Don't trust them ! 
3) If you hold any technology company share, you should sell it as soon as possible.
4) Future is about Investment and how to beat inflation over long term.