Tuesday, November 29, 2011

There's an asnwer for each successful investment decision, but no right answer for relationship...

Relationship has no right/wrong answer for it, but when it come to investment, it gives the right/wrong answer for every decision.

We should have better control in investment compare to relationship. For those too focus on investment, please do care about your family members. Investment/ money is not everything, but you can't live without money.

Money can be part of your life, not all of your life.

Investing Note on Nov 2011

I realized that investing share need passion. If you're someone who can forget about food, entertainment when you looking at share, you love SHARE. Share is your life.

Invest share is not a gambling. If you understand how it works for you, it's the greatest cash generation vehicle for you.

Continue doing it, understand how it works, your knowledge grow rapidly.

Our future is belong to us. Be GREAT investor !