Monday, January 17, 2011

MY E.G. Services Bhd - The Making of E-Malaysia-Government Service

MY E.G Service Bhd was incorporate in Malaysia as a private limited company on 17 Feb 2000 as I.T. MYEG began by developing online government transactional services for the Malaysian community through its Electronic Government Initiatives. MYEG focus on delivering improvement in the Government internal operation and in the delivery of services to the consumers. The success of its online transactional service has spurred MYEG to expand its operation and undertake moer government projects.

My E.G service Bhd :-
1) mySPEED Sdn Bhd
2) Gale Vector Sdn Bhd
3) Sdn Bhd
4) MyEG Commerce Sdn Bhd

In future, e-payment will become very common and provide more hassle-free payment for Malaysian. I expect this company will continue grow rapidly in coming years.