Saturday, December 17, 2011

Engineer - Is it a professional job with moderate quality of life?

Engineers nowadays -

1) Someone work very hard without OT.
2) Someone work very hard to get increment, which is not enough for inflation (House Price + Food Price + Petrol Price Inflation) in city life.
3) Someone work very hard to get "You're Doing Good Job", A Praise without increase living standard.
4) Someone work very hard just for living normal.
5) Someone work very hard, but can't even give a good pocket money to parent.
6) Someone work very hard but when you getting older, "WHAT DO I GET AFTER WORK FOR 7-10 years?"

Capitalist/Investor nowadays:-
Simple Math.
Capital = 150k X 1.25^10 = 1,396k
Net Income P.A = ~104k (with zero tax)

Smart investor can sit @home, enjoy 104k p.a income while workers, work very hard, but they don't get what they want.

Be Investor is a better deal in life. Start Invest!!!