Saturday, October 17, 2009

GENTING Singapore : Trader's next target in Singapore

Please observe the 30 weeks relative share price performance of GENTING SP(G13) vs MPEL.

My Trading Pick : Unico (2075) > Current Price RM0.795

I noticed that Unico-Desa Plantation managed to rise to RM0.85 before a correction ensued. Please observe the 3 consecutive rounding bottom was formed from these few months. Its current daily MACD is staging a golden cross. the rouding bottoms trough higher than the previous ( 3 consecutive rouding botttom).

Target Price : RM0.98

Remember to stop-loss.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

TopGlove - Investors too optismistic -> Overprice!

Top Glove to extend price hikes

Top Glove Corp will continue to raise glove prices as latex becomes costlier and the US dollar weakens, to maintain profits. It last increased the prices in July. The company is optimistic of keeping its profit margin at more than 10% in the year ending August 2010. Chairman and managing director Tan Sri Lim Wee Chai said latex prices had started to climb again since July and the US dollar had weakened since September. Such combination of factors has led to higher glove prices. (BT)

- Most of investors in KLSE are too optismistic now. TopGlove is too expensive, too much expectation from investors on the earning growth of TopGlove. Let's us monitor TopGlove closely. Once the H1N1 solved, then all investors/speculators will sell. Let's us wait panic selling from those Mr. KinCheongLan

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stock Pick - MEMS - Trading BUY

Our Stock Pick today - MEMS
Target Price        : 0.15
Current Price      : 0.05
Estimated Return : 300%
Risk                    : Extremely High
There're no insiders trading(BUY) on this stock. Some directors sold out the stocks. No proper solution for its loan payback issue.

Pyramidal Trading Method

Follow the trend and investing all the profits into the market, maximize the profit margin. Flexible in the employment of funds and minimze the risk. Always set a stop loss.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Breaking News - Dr. Steven Lee in Malaysia

Be careful on Dr. Steven Lee seminar/course. One of customer/user who subscribed the "special" software. The software cost you RM5,000-RM7,000. The sales person always say the accuracy of stock hints/tips are 90%. If this software really work @90% accuracy, i don't think Dr. Steven Lee will work so hard to offer the seminar. He can anyhow go to US, sell the software to JP Morgan, Bank of America, or even Warren Buffet/George Soros for 1 Billion US dollar.  SPAM!!!

Source of his customer:-
"I'm using this software for 1 year ++. But i'm driving Proton Iswara. It's not really working. It already cost big loss. The accuracy is 50% only. I still can't cover my loss after subscribe this "special" software."
-From Engineer

If 90% accuracy, this guy should drive BMW 7 series easily. Please be careful on those "Dr" seminar.

His signal from software is helping him making more money from you guys. Be careful man

If you've any further information about this special software, please kindly contact us. We will post it on our blog. Let's collect more informations.

Indonesia may grow as fast as China

Indonesia has the basic ingredients for success, among which are :-
1) The fourth largest population in the world at 226 million – which also means a big domestic consumer base
2)Huge natural resources – Indonesia is the largest producer of palm oil in the world and is a major producer of crude oil, natural gas, iron ore, tin, lead, gold, etc.; and
3)Young urban population – 50% of Indonesians live in urban areas (a rate higher than in China or India) and more than 52% of the population is aged 20-54. Dynamic young urban population’s productivity growth would be at a faster pace with the right economic environment.

The key catalysts for Indonesia to emerge as an economic star in the global economy
1)Leadership in Jakarta continues to provide political stability and sound economic policies
2)Infrastructure development: Indonesia has a pressing need for great infrastructure like many developing nations
3)Banking system reform continues to provide the lifeblood for the economy to grow
4)Confidence of Indonesians in their economy and stock markets
Indonesia is moving in the right direction to be a formidable global economic powerhouse.

Updates -Gaming Sector in HongKong/Macau: Wynn Macau

Debutant Wynn Macau (1128 HK), the Asia unit of U.S. casino giant Wynn Resorts (WYNN.O), rose 6.2%, signalling that appetite for gambling stocks remained strong. Sharp gains for market debuts in Hong Kong on Thursday, including infant formula maker Ausnutria Dairy Corp,also helped Wynn Macau's rise. Ausnutria (1717 HK) closed up 3.5% on Friday after advancing 27.5% on its debut in the previous session.

Kencana Petroleum Bhd (RM2.21 @ 09/10/09)

Kencana’s price action last Friday exhibited signs of wanting to rally after weeks of sideways consolidation at above the RM2.10 level. Traders can consider accumulating the shares at above the RM2.10 level and wait for a breakout from the RM2.26 immediate resistance level. We are eyeing the RM2.55 level as the upside target and our cut-loss point is pegged at below the RM2.10 level. At below RM2.10, look for the RM2.00 level as the next support followed by the RM1.87 level. The immediate and mid-term technical outlooks of Kencana are now both aligned with a bullish bias.

Maybank CEO: No immediate plans for new acquisitions

Malayan Banking Bhd (Maybank) chief executive officer Datuk Seri Abdul Wahid Omar has dismissed reports that the group is looking to purchase new banking assets after spending RM11.1bn last year on acquisitions overseas. “We did three acquisitions last year, and we have enough on our plate. The focus for us now is organic growth,” Wahid, who is also the bank’s president, said at a press conference to launch Maybank’s latest premium debit card product.
Earlier this week, the chairman of Pakistan’s Nishat Group, Mian Mohammad Mansha, was quoted in a foreign news report as saying that MCB Bank Ltd and Maybank may team up to acquire banks in the Middle East and Indonesia. (StarBiz)

Sunday, October 11, 2009


52W-HI 0.180

52W-LO 0.050

MEMS's share is trading at 52-week low. The net working capital of MEMS is RM0.16/share, current P/E ratio is 5.

Insiders trade information :
MEMS TECHNOLOGY - DIRECTOR SHARE DISPOSAL MEMS TECHNOLOGY reported that OOI BOON LEONG, Director had on ep 25, 2009 disposed 2.48m shares in the Company at 8 sen per share.
MEMS TECHNOLOGY - DIRECTOR SHARE DISPOSAL MEMS TECHNOLOGY reported that OOI BOON LEONG, Director had on Sep 7, 2009 disposed 10.0m shares in the Company at 12.0 sen per share.

Latest Updates :

Cheap enough to buy now?BAD?
If you read the financial statement carefully, you will feel shock. MEMS is lack of cash. Currently, the cash from this company is borrowed from Overdraft.
NO CASH? How to run the business? Keep borrow?

The business is still growing and revenue income is increasing.

I would advice you guys reading carefully before buy this risky stock. If the price drop further until 0.03, you can start accumulate this stock @0.03-0.01.

Risk: Very High
Possible Return - 500%