Saturday, November 28, 2009

GENTING Bhd - 3Q results

Sales for 9 months ending 30/09/2009 edge down 1.78% to RM6.57 bln. Pre-tax profit gained 5.37% to RM1.94 bln. Net Profit increased 15.77% to RM798.9 mln. Net Earning per share were 21.62 sen. No dividend declared.

Eclectic Approach: Rating

GENM - 3Q results

Sales for 9 months ending 30/09/2009 inched up 4.46% to RM3.72 bln. Pretax profit dipped 5.56% to RM1.30 bln. Net profit slid 5.56% to RM965.4 mln. Net earnings per share were 16.89 sen. No dividend declared.

Eclectric Approach  : Rating
- Sell above RM3.00

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Insider Trade - TopGlove.KL

18 Nov – 24 Nov 2009 – The Overlook Partners Fund LP  sold 1,352,000 TopGlove shares.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

VITROX.KL - Risk -> Manipulate the stock price

Somebody is manipulating the ViTrox's stock price, small volume transaction, but pull the price up rapidly. Please be careful.

POS - Credit Suisse & Aberdeen buy "Bad" business?

6:47PM POS Credit Suisse Group AG (14,000 Shares Acquired)
6:46PM POS Credit Suisse Group AG (52,200 Shares Acquired)
6:46PM POS Aberdeen Asset Management PLC and its subsidiaries (25,600 Shares Acquired)
6:46PM POS Aberdeen Asset Management Asia Limited (25,600 Shares Acquired)
6:46PM POS Aberdeen Asset Management PLC and its subsidiaries (212,300 Shares Transacted)
6:46PM POS Aberdeen Asset Management PLC and its subsidiaries (71,800 Shares Acquired)
6:46PM POS Aberdeen Asset Management Asia Limited (92,300 Shares Acquired)
6:46PM POS Aberdeen Asset Management Asia Limited (71,800 Shares Acquired)

Why Aberdeen Asset Management Asia & Credit Suisse as  international fund manager pick POS Malaysia Berhad? POS is making losses since 2007. I think the management from POS Malaysia Berhad, don't know how to manage business, good business become bad business, losses. Don't you think their management very very lousy?
Please let's me know if you find some good answer why they buy POS. I check the valuation, not attractive at all for one business, with more than 3 years EPS negative. Sleeping Manager working inside, How to generate profit?

Lion Industries Corporation - Back On Track

Lion Industries’ 1QFY10 annualised profit came in spot on with our estimates. While the recovery in the coming quarter will be bumpy and its profit will contract on the sharp plunge in China’s steel prices, we are hopeful of the company staying on track to achieve normalized profit in FY10. With that, we reiterate our BUY recommendation with an unchanged 12-month target price of RM2.11, derived from a blended valuation of 6x FY10 EPS and 0.43x FY10 NTA/share.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


US: Sales of existing US homes climbed 10% in October, as Americans rushed to take advantage of tax credit and lower mortgage rates. Purchases rose more than forecast to a 6.1 million annual rate from a 5.54 million pace in September
US: The Chicago Fed National Activity Index was -1.08 in October, down slightly from -1.01 in September. A decline in the contribution of production and income indicators offset small improvements in the other three broad categories of indicators that make up the index.
EU: Europe’s services and manufacturing industries expanded at the fastest pace in two years.The composite index based on a survey of purchasing managers in both industries in the 16-nation euro area rose to 53.7 from 53 in October

Thought of the Week

The current bull market run is now about 8 ½ months long, and has seen the S&P 500 Index rally by 61% through the third week in November. While past performance is by no means indicative of future results, this week’s chart illustrates just how “young” this rally may in fact be by historical standards. The average bull market during the post-WWII era saw a hefty 176% gain over an average of 68 months, perhaps an interesting point of comparison for investors who may be underweight in equities and fearful of the sustainability of the current market rally.

Maxis Insider Trade

7:35PM MAXIS Ananda Krishnan Tatparanandam ("TAK") (2,250,000,000 Shares Disposed)

7:35PM MAXIS Dato' Haji Badri Bin Haji Masri ("Dato' Badri") (2,250,000,000 Shares Disposed)
7:35PM MAXIS Excorp Holdings N.V. ("Excorp") (2,250,000,000 Shares Disposed)
7:35PM MAXIS STC Asia Telecom Holding Ltd ("STCAT") (2,250,000,000 Shares Disposed)
7:35PM MAXIS STC Malaysia Holding Ltd ("STCM") (2,250,000,000 Shares Disposed)
7:34PM MAXIS PanOcean Management Limited ("PanOcean") (2,250,000,000 Shares Disposed)
7:34PM MAXIS Pacific States Investment Limited ("PSIL") (2,250,000,000 Shares Disposed)
7:34PM MAXIS Mohamad Shahrin Bin Merican ("MSM") (2,250,011,000 Shares Transacted)
7:34PM MAXIS Usaha Tegas Sdn Bhd ("UTSB") (2,250,000,000 Shares Disposed)
7:34PM MAXIS Usaha Tegas Equity Sdn Bhd ("UTE") (2,250,000,000 Shares Disposed)
7:34PM MAXIS Binariang GSM Sdn Bhd ("BGSM") (2,250,000,000 Shares Disposed)
7:34PM MAXIS Saudi Telecom Company ("STC") (2,250,000,000 Shares Disposed)
7:34PM MAXIS Maxis Communications Berhad (2,250,000,000 Shares Disposed)
7:34PM MAXIS Tun Haji Mohammed Hanif Bin Omar ("THO") (2,250,000,000 Shares Disposed)
7:34PM MAXIS Harapan Nusantara Sdn Bhd ("HNSB") (2,250,000,000 Shares Disposed)

"Why all insiders keep selling the Maxis Stock? Are they trader?"

Monday, November 23, 2009

US Dollar Forecasters

“The most accurate dollar forecasters predict the world’s reserve currency will continue sliding even when the Federal Reserve begins to raise interest rates, which policymakers say is an 'extended period' away.”

"Historically, the dollar usually doesn’t start rising on a sustained basis until 12 months after the Fed starts to lift rates."

(Source: The Edge Malaysia)

PPB records 3Q09 net profit of RM595m

The group recorded 3Q09 net profit of RM595m, up 188% yoy. The higher profit was largely due to increased contribution of RM943m from its associate, Wilmar, and improved operating results from its sugar operations.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Special Situation on US Economy - Nov 2010

Morgan Stanley
"US Economic growth in 2010 and 2011 would be unusually weak as it faces numerous powerful headwinds and weak consumer spending"

Special Situation Blog
"There're powerful tailwinds too" - Special Situation
1)Aggresive Monetary Policy
2)US Consumer Spending is a function of disposable income and not just asset price. Equity price have already surged, prolonged battering of house price has ended, Disposable income is expected to grow at a normal rate soon, as the aftershocks emanating from the Lehman Panic subside.
3)Benefiting from a recovery in all kinds of investment spending.
4)Rising Exports to a fast recovering global economy (Especially Australia, Asia) will be another boost to US economic growth in the medium term.

The NYSE continues to sustain its upbeat mood,even when the US economic data does not look reassuring.