Saturday, April 24, 2010

China Property Bubble Crash ?

China in Focus :-
China's government has implemented more measures to cool down the property market in China. The real-estate,property developer, banking stocks have reverse badly to these GREAT moves. No Surprise!

I do not see any China Stock market crashing at this moment due to strong recovery from manufacturing production index. The objective of government new policy is to cool certain segments of the property market down.

We will continously monitor the China Property Bubble issue. The investors are start fear, but no panic at this moment. We will monitor greedy property investors in China within 12-24 months. If the house price shoot up another 50-60%, the risk is getting high. Emergency House Bubble Collapse coming soon. God PUNISH GREEDY Property Investor!

House is asset but Supply and Demand concept is still applied to Property. China Burst, mean I get Richer and RICHER!!!

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IPO : Prudential

Insurance giant Prudential, which has agreed to buy the Asian arm of troubled US insurer AIG, said Friday its shares were expected to start trading in Hong Kong on May 11.

London-listed Prudential said in a statement that it has also applied for a secondary listing in Singapore on the same date as its Hong Kong debut.
The planned listings in Asia is seen as a move to garner support from regional investors for a 20 billion-dollar rights issue to help fund the acquisition of the AIA group from American International Group (AIG).
Prudential said terms of the rights issue would be announced on May 5, allowing investors time to digest them before a vote on it in a general meeting held on May 27.
"I am pleased to confirm that alongside the AIA transaction, plans for our dual primary listing in Hong Kong are on track," Tidjane Thiam, Prudential's group chief executive, said in the statement.
"The two new listings (in Hong Kong and Singapore) will enable investors in Asia to participate in the outstanding growth potential that Prudential offers."
The company said it would keep a primary listing of its shares in London, which "will remain the largest market for our investors".
The Hong Kong and Singapore listings will be done by way of introduction, which means adding trading venues without issuing new shares.
Prudential has agreed to buy AIA for 35.5 billion US dollars in a deal that will make it the insurance sector's biggest-ever takeover.
The buyout would transform Prudential into the world's top non-Chinese insurer by market capitalisation, ahead of major competitors Allianz and AXA.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

UNICO (5019) - P/E Ratio 14.79, Dividend Yield 7%

After high buying volume on Unico, the valuation of Unico is still attractive. High Dividend yield should able to protect downside on this stock if double dip happen.