Thursday, April 22, 2010

UNICO (5019) - P/E Ratio 14.79, Dividend Yield 7%

After high buying volume on Unico, the valuation of Unico is still attractive. High Dividend yield should able to protect downside on this stock if double dip happen.


  1. any special event for this?
    dividend is 4 sen per annum
    price now is at RM 0.945
    thats about 4+% yield?

  2. Annual Dividend.

    This company is considered growing well in Plantation and Car loan business. Insiders are buying it because of attractive share price and dividend.

    With Strong fundamental on its debt level, this share is not under Analyst's radar. I like this stock personally because high dividend yield. Low buy volume, doesn't mean no good in this case. This company is actually making good money...