Saturday, April 24, 2010

China Property Bubble Crash ?

China in Focus :-
China's government has implemented more measures to cool down the property market in China. The real-estate,property developer, banking stocks have reverse badly to these GREAT moves. No Surprise!

I do not see any China Stock market crashing at this moment due to strong recovery from manufacturing production index. The objective of government new policy is to cool certain segments of the property market down.

We will continously monitor the China Property Bubble issue. The investors are start fear, but no panic at this moment. We will monitor greedy property investors in China within 12-24 months. If the house price shoot up another 50-60%, the risk is getting high. Emergency House Bubble Collapse coming soon. God PUNISH GREEDY Property Investor!

House is asset but Supply and Demand concept is still applied to Property. China Burst, mean I get Richer and RICHER!!!

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