Friday, September 7, 2012

Sept 2012 : Export Slump !

The economic indicator is telling us, the economy downtrend is happening. :)

Wilmar International Limited : A good buy ?

Market Cap : S$19.91B
Total Brokers : 26

14/26 : Hold
 6/26  : Strong Sell
 2/26  : Sell

Financial Briefs :
BRIEF: For the six months ended 30 June 2012, Wilmar International Limited revenues increased 7% to $21.49B. Net income decreased 52% to $373M. Revenues reflect Merchandising & Refinery segment increase of 6% to $17.21B, Sugar segment increase of 27% to $1.3B. Net income was offset by Finance costs increase of 54% to $322.8M (expense), Other Operating Expenses increase of 77% to $99.3M (expense).

Comments :
For me, bad rating, mean good chance to buy quality share like Wilmar International.

Question : Is this a good time to accumulate Wilmar International Limited share? Price range?
The best/value buy is S$1.50-S$2.50. Current market price is S$3.00. We have to wait this share drop another 18-20%.