Thursday, June 17, 2010

BP : An ironic sign at a BP gas station

UBS Research : GENTING Singapore

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BP: Oil Leak Rivaled by Leaking Valuation

1)BP stock has fallen below $30, the lowest level since 1996....
2) Investment banker Matt Simmons interviewed on CNBC's Fast Money said that he believes BP is increasingly likely to declare bankruptcy " possibly in a matter of months" in the wake of this disaster.
3) T2 Partners Whitney Thilson
- Long BP stock in this situation for long term opportunity.
- Earning nearly $100 million per day.
Short term risks are simply too great for investment. Pressure in Washington that the company should not be allowed to pay its shareholders a dividend this quarter.The US President is talking to BP and members of the house are looking to force BP to spend no money on advertising or dividend payout and devote all its resources to clean up.

Valuaation :-
$20 is sure to pique  the interest of opportunities investor. We would like to see situation where US politician will do everything in their power to make sure BP pays : a pound of flesh will not cut it either...