Friday, October 23, 2009

Singapore Gaming Sector : GENTING SP (G13)

Construction on Track
Construction progress is on track for a soft opening in early 2010. Fit out works are currently being carried out. Testing and commissioning for the Universal Studios attractions have started. Casino and employee licensing process are ongoing.

Universal Studio Singapore Map



Resorts World® Sentosa introduces 18 new rides and attractions in seven theme zones at Universal Studios Singapore.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

China : 3Q 2009 GDP

In a sign that Chin's economy has shook off the impact of the Lehman Panic, her real GDP expanded by a strong 8.9% in 3Q 2009. Growth was driven by strong domestic consumption and investment growth. With total trade plunging 16.5% year-on-year in 3Q 2009, China shows that she can grow at a fast pace without the support of external demand.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Warren Buffet Interview ...

Think to make big bucks for chinese new year , BIG BIG ANG POW!

I put a big bet on Plantation Stock.

Strongly OVERWEIGHT On Plantation Stock now.

Given the weakening of US$ and improvement in economy, crude oil price now trading at US$80/barrel. These also spur the buying interesting on plantation stocks.


Fundamental is not bull yet. Looking at the supply and demand growth for 09/10, soybean bean price is unlikely to stage for a strong rebound due to higher supply growth. Unfortunately CPO price very much depends on soybean price, thus CPO price performance could be capped as well. In conclusion, outlook of the sector fundamental is yet to turn bullish scenario.

BETA 1.41
Correlation with CPO : 0.92

ConocoPhillips(COP.NYSE) - TOP BUY

ConocoPhilips's share oversold in this crisis.

Instrinsic Value : USD75.

High inflation coming soon. COP is the winner in high inflation.

Malaysia - Minister hints at incentives for using green technology

Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Peter Chin hinted that there could be tax and tariff incentives for companies and households that have energy-efficient and water-saving features in their office and homes. Current incentives offered by the government include the pioneer status and investment tax allowance. Companies generating renewable energy can enjoy import duty and sales tax exemption on imported machinery, equipment, materials, spare parts and consumables used directly in the generation process. For locally purchased machinery, equipment, materials, spare parts and consumables, full exemption is given on sales tax. The pioneer status, granted under the Promotion of Investments Act 1986, provides a 10-year income tax break for renewable energy businesses. Other incentives include a full tax allowance on qualifying five-year capital expenditure. (BT)

"ETITECH in focus ??"

China - Government to impose 36% tariff on nylon imports

China will impose tariffs of up to 36% on some imported nylon products to protect its domestic industry from suspected dumping in Beijing's latest manoeuvre amid trade spats with the US. The decision applies to Nylon 6, or polycaprolactam, from the US, European Union countries, Russia and Taiwan. The tariff rate set on US companies is much higher than that for other countries and comes ahead of President Barack Obama's visit to China next month. The ruling is China's latest salvo in trade spats with the US after Obama announced up to 35% duties on China-made tyres, to be imposed for the next three years. The trade disputes will be among topics under discussion at a China-US trade and commerce meeting later this month in the eastern city of Hangzhou. (BT)

"Debtor vs creditor" - Who is winner?


International Unit Trust fund, reduce holding in GENM.KL. Current valuation attractive, but future growth is unknown.

GENTING.SP (G13) in Singapore is next competitor in Malaysia's gaming sector. In future, the growth of GENM.KL will slowdown.

I would like to make call SELL GENM , BUY GENTING.

Some bet here :-
Own GENTING - you own 50% GENTING SP, 50% GENM. Sure win!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SURIA.KL : Great Value Stock BUY(1.00-1.30) Sell TP (1.80-2.00)

Our blog call buy for Suria Capital. The great value is around RM1.00-RM1.30.

Sell TP (1.80-2.00)

New Contrarian Strategy from David Dreman