Friday, July 30, 2010

Share CFD (Contract For Difference) in Singapore

Recently, there're many CFD providers in Singapore. What's the most important criteria when you would like to open CFD trading account?

1) Foreign Market
If you're an active investor, you must make sure that the CFD provider gives free access to USA,HK and London Stock Exchange. Please make sure the data feed fee is comfortable for you.

2)Comission and financing fee
Please make sure that those market you're actively trade, with low comission and low financing fee. Financing fee is really important when your total invested capital is above S$100k.

A user friendly platform and analysis tool are very important when you use CFD trading account. You need certain advanced charting to determine your entry point and some fundamental data to determine the stock valuation.

After you make sure these 3 components meet your requirement, then kinldy proceed to open CFD trading account. Learn slowly when you start trading.

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Economy : Better news on jobs front

The number of people applying for initial state unemployment insurance benefits fell 11,000 to 457,000, the Labor Department reports.


It's sounds like V Shape Recovery on going.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jim Rogers predicts a new recession in 2012

Jim Rogers, the market sage, has warned the global economy is just two years away from another recession, but remains ill-prepared to cope with the after-effects.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

BSTEAD - Boustead Holdings Berhad - Litigation against subsidiary company

Maraputra S/B (Maraputra) has filed a writ of summons against the company's subsidiary, Boustead Naval Shipyard S/B(BNS) for damages arising from a contract dispute. Maraputra is claiming for damages totalling RM10.37 mln plus interest at 8% p.a. and other relief that the high court deems fit. BNS is disputing the amount claimed and is currently preparing a statement of defence and counter-claim against Maraputra.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Parkson Holdings Bhd - Acquisition of subsidary

Its wholly owned subsidiary, Parkson Properties Holdings Co. Ltd has subscribed for 1 ordinary share of US$1.00 each at an issue price of US$1.00 in recently incorporated Parkson Properties Hanoi Co. Ltd, making it a wholly owned subsidary of the company.