Saturday, December 17, 2011

Engineer - Is it a professional job with moderate quality of life?

Engineers nowadays -

1) Someone work very hard without OT.
2) Someone work very hard to get increment, which is not enough for inflation (House Price + Food Price + Petrol Price Inflation) in city life.
3) Someone work very hard to get "You're Doing Good Job", A Praise without increase living standard.
4) Someone work very hard just for living normal.
5) Someone work very hard, but can't even give a good pocket money to parent.
6) Someone work very hard but when you getting older, "WHAT DO I GET AFTER WORK FOR 7-10 years?"

Capitalist/Investor nowadays:-
Simple Math.
Capital = 150k X 1.25^10 = 1,396k
Net Income P.A = ~104k (with zero tax)

Smart investor can sit @home, enjoy 104k p.a income while workers, work very hard, but they don't get what they want.

Be Investor is a better deal in life. Start Invest!!!

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  1. I aften wonder how the quality of the higher education system in the united states can be all that great considering the fact that the united states high school seniors score something like 20'ish in math and science compared to other countries around the world. Take a look at foreign languages in many of the countries in western europe a very large percentage of the college age population speaks a foreign language fluently come on If the students of the united staes were on trial attempting to defend the high quality education of their college students they would be laughed out of court in five minutes. Yet the united states keeps turning out more and more college grads every year. The percentage of the population with a four year college degrees keeps increasing. I would totally disagree with the notion that the united staes is such a highly educated population. Just because some college student crams for a test and gets a C does not me that they know all that much about the subject that they are studying