Saturday, September 12, 2009

Vietnam Equities - Unit Trust/Closed End Fund

Vietnam is second fastest growing country after China in Asia.

East Asia is booming nowadays. Transition from Developing country to Developed country - Japan, South Korea.

Let's us investigate how this trend actually work out.
South Korea & Japan are very conservative during developing status. To boost up investment, those countries actually open its equity market for foreign with less restriction.

Vietnam & Indonesia - Next BOOM.

I prefer Vietnam :-
1) A lot vietnamese can speak chinese, attract investor/company to build factory in Vietnam
2) strategy - close to China/Japan/Korea.
3) Low labor cost.
4) Joined WTO 2007
5) Aggresive working culture, willing to work hard -similiar to Chinese/Korean/Japanese.

The best way to invest is via Stock. But, a lot restriction for foreigner now. Market not yet open for all.

1) Unit Trust fund - some fund houses actually provide Vietnam Fund. Pls search it.
2) Close end fund - London Stock Exchange - some close end fund /index.


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