Wednesday, November 11, 2009

GENTING SP : Casino Entry Fee $100 for Singaporean

According to some research from Brokerage House, S$100 entry fee for local Singaporeans.

Is S$100 really a big amount for Singaporean?
- Everyday, a lot "customer"s are Q-ing outside Singapore Pools( to buy TOTO/Lucky Draw/4D. Business is extremely good.
- If want to go to legal Casino, they have to travel to Malaysia KL Genting, it takes 4 hours journey. Bus ticket cost them S$70 (two-way). Taxi, Accommodation, Food, How much?

Let's make some calculation for 2-days in Msia-Genting :-
1) Food - S$20
2) Accomodation - S$40
3) Bus ticket (two way) - S$70.00
4) Total Travel Period - 8 hours - For gambler, 8 hours will allow them to play many rounds.
Total Expense - S$130.00

How about GENTING SENTOSA TRIP for Singaporean?
1) Entry fee - S$100.
2) SMRT-MRT- S$5

Total Expense - S$105.00

They can save up to S$25 and save travel times. Time is $$$ for Serious Gambler. They can earn back 105 within 1minute. :)

Another Points :-
I guess A lot of malaysians from Johor Bharu(Malaysia) will travel to visit GENTING SENTOSA and have some "BET". Why not spend long journey from JB -> KL -> GENTING HIGHLAND. Don't waste $$ & Time lar !!!


  1. The $100 fees I think is one time fee only... so based on your calculation, its still better than going to Genting KL..

  2. S$100 is to much for the entrance fee. I think the casino must provide a free drink or food worth about $30. Then it will be quite okay. :)