Monday, November 2, 2009

IPO Strategy : MAXIS

Maxis is worth a punt. Advise you take up the offer. I am bidding at 5.20 and should the final settlement be less will get a rebate.

For example if the settlement is RM 5.00, we will get back 20 sen.

The institutional money who have committed to purchase should drive the price higher in the short term. These Insiders will push the price higher in the short term so they can off load their purchases at a higher price. We can take advantage of this and sell with them locking in a 10 to 15 % gain.

If this scenario doesn't pan out, we cut our losses.

One fundamental I like is that there has been a lot of negative news by local analists on Maxis in the last week. Bad news is the friend of the buyer as Warren Buffet would say. If there was lots of good news I would be wary.

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