Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Its Not Too Late To Profit From Agilent (A), See What We Found

Agilent (NYSE: A) hit a new 52-Week high of $29.67 so far today. Currently the stock is up $0.20 (0.68%) to $29.57 on 1,887,493 shares traded. Today's high is up $17.55 from a 52-Week Low of $12.02. Agilent stock has been showing support around $27.59 and resistance in the $30.39 range. Technical indicators for the stock are bullish and S&P gives A a positive 4 STARS (out of 5) buy ranking. The stock has been trading higher since posting better than expected earnings last week for its fiscal fourth quarter. If you are looking for a hedged play on A the stock seems like it could be a candidate for a January out-of-the-money bull-put credit spread below the 25 range

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