Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Swisscash Scam

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 30 (Bernama) — Malaysians are advised not to invest in an investment fund under the name of Swiss Cash or Swiss Mutual Fund (1948) being offered through the Internet and local agents.

The Swiss Embassy here said in a statement today that the investment fund had no relation whatsoever with the country.
“The company operates outside Switzerland and is not subject to the very stringent Swiss banking laws,” the embassy said.
“The reference to Switzerland with the attribute Swiss is solely made with the purpose to attract the unaware public to invest, thinking that they would be protected by Swiss laws,” it added.
The Swiss Embassy does not recommend the investment fund and advised the public to be very cautious before investing in the fund.

"If the return is really so profitable with guaranteed capital, i will be next Warren Buffet/Bill Gates after 10 years. I go to borrow USD1B from Maybank. After 5-10 years, i can replace Warren Buffet/Bill Gates"...

First Year , USD1B return
Second Year, USD2B return
Third YEar, USD4B return
Fourth Year, USD8B return
Fifth Year, USD16B return
Sixth Year, USD32B return .........................................KAKA

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