Monday, March 1, 2010

"Professional" worker, how inflation eat up your salary?

Please see above link.
Salary : SGD10,000
Working Experience : 24 years

He was an engineer before promoted to Manager. Please see the different :-

Capitalist/Smart Investor vs Stupid Worker

a) Stupid Professional Senior Manager -Joke if you see his salary...
Imagine , when he start work, starting pay is 2.5k.
In order to get 10k salary after 24 years working, he need to get 6% increment for every year.

6% is enough for inflation  ... LOL

b) Investors
Smart Investor with capital 100k.
Annual compound return 15%  for 24 years :-
2.86 million after 24 years with annual compound return 15%.

At 25 years, 15% of 2.86Million is 429k/year return.

Joke? Professional worker's increment is just enough for inflation. This is fact. What a joke?!

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