Saturday, September 4, 2010

Marc Faber : Money will flow into equities and commodities at least over the next couple of weeks

In a phone interview from Thailand Marc Faber told Bloomberg that : "It is a fallacy to believe that easy money and the purchase of treasuries will boost economic activity in the US,"
"Money will flow into equities at least over the next couple of weeks, and into commodities," Faber added.
"Over the last two years we eased massively in the US and where did the growth take place? In Asia".
"So when we talk about job creation, do you think that Intel or a small businessman will hire more people in the US because of further monetary printing?" he asked.

"No! they will build factories in Asia and hire people in Asia and all the monetary policies in the US create mis-allocation of capital and unintended consequences," Faber explained.

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