Thursday, December 2, 2010

KLSE : Top 5 picks in 2011

Please share your top 5 KLSE stock picks in 2010
1) Counter Name (code) - Reason (valuation/prospect/future growth/mega trend)

Post your comments here. We would like to hear from you. Thanks.


  1. Keinhin, Tomei, DRBHCOM, Multico and Magni

    All got veri good earnings.

  2. I would say
    1. DRBHicom-filter out due to recent >100% capital gain.
    2. Msports-good earning, we need publicity for thos stock. If KNM with poor earning also can rebound, I believe Msports will rebound in 2011.
    3. LION families- especially LIONIV, LIONDIV is holding company of all other LION companies, Tan Sri Cheng holds more than 50% shares, will explore the possibility in east coast, iron ore price soars, stell price will go high. Need stell for all mega projects like MRT.
    4. TEXCHEM-steady dividend income, joint venture in china.Sushi King chains of restaurant and Fumakilla aerosol all are consumer product's bussiness which have good economy prospect.
    5. I havent think of this one yet. 4 stock pick for my 2011 porfolio can make money already. My porfolio is combination of small stock and give out good dividend.

  3. Lioncorp 3851 all the way. Tp 0.70 december 2011 depending on steel price.