Thursday, December 8, 2011

Stock Lobang : Nice View ...

A few readers asked me why is it that the market are still going up despite what we are hearing everyday. Well, if you believe what the press is saying, then if the market is up, that means that the market players are optimistic about the current situation. When the market goes down, then the press will say that they are worried and concerned about the whole situation. This is especially so when you watch the CNA morning show. You can almost confirm what the presenter will say after looking at how the US market has closed and how Japan market has opened.

To me, I believe that as much information, expectation and forecast have already been factored into the market. Like what I stated in the blog many times before, the market is made up of many players, and it is mainly the Big Boys that determine and decide where and how the market will behave in any circumstances.

If the market continues to perform well in the coming days to weeks, then you will read from the press that the market choose to ignore the gloom and doom for a while and stage a year-end rally.

If you look closely, we can have a dire future but the market can still surge on, as it is not what we want or hope for the market that matters, it is how the more powerful hands believe that matters.

That is why it is crucial to know what they are doing and following them through the trend and drop off with them when the tide turns. I am doing so with my trustworthy charts and of course, the experience and knowledge gained and work-on throughout all these years of interaction with Mr Market.

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  1. I have always favored value stocks over growth stocks. Simply because of the big margain of safety that value stock investing gives you compared to growth stock investing Growth stock investing is all about future expectations. Value investing is about the current value of a stock. This does not mean that their are not any growth stocks that are not great investments.