Saturday, April 7, 2012

Special Situation Pick : Old Town Berhad

Old Town Berhad - This is one of new listed company in KLSE.

Why buy Old Town Coffee Share?
- This share is considered as high potential growth company, which is currently planning to expand in China & Indonesia rapidly. With experience management team, this company should able to do it within 3-5 years.
- Asia is a high growth region. Food & Beverage industry, should grow well in this region.
- It has special taste of South East Asia's coffee. There're some chinese from China, like this coffee much. So, it should tell us some hints about their successful rate in China.
- Competitive Advantages - This is hard to duplicate its product. Let's try Nestle White Coffee pack. It's a huge difference between Nestle White Cofffee 3-in-1 and Old Town White Coffee 3-in-1.

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