Monday, April 24, 2017

Walton International Investment - A Scam? Guaranteed return?

"I was meeting up with my long time sec school friends over the long weekend and one of them recently got approached by her friend to buy an investment from Walton International. She was talking about it and indeed it sounds interesting. Can potentially double your investment in 3-4 years. She was also saying that her friend who is working in Walton is doing very well. Late 20s but can already afford to get married, owns a condo and drives a BMW 3 series.

Just wondering, has anyone ever been approached by the people from Walton International to buy their investment products? What are the things that you feel or have heard about this?

Also, the career in Walton. Sounds good. Anyone has heard anything about this as well?"

We're reading a lot messages from people who interest in Walton International Investment. The attractive return, is a key point for them to do more research on this corp. 

If you're investing in Walton International Investment, please share with us more if you see any problem.. Thanks !

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